Best Memphis Burger

Patrick's has the best burger in Memphis, hands down.

This is a tribute to the soon to be world famous Patrick's burger and all of its burger brother and sisters. 

Patrick's Burger

6oz of choice ground beef hand-pattied, seasoned with our house burger seasoning, flat-grilled to order and served on our soon-to-be-famous sweet sourdough bun

The One-Eyed Jack

My favorite burger ever!!Our burger topped with a fried egg and American cheese and served on our soon-to-be-famous sweet sourdough bun or Make it a Luther with a glazed donut bun!! $.50 extra

Jalapeno-Cream Cheese Burger

Our 6 oz. hand-pattied choice burger stuffed with cream cheese diced jalapenos. Served on our soon-to-be-famous sweet sourdough bun.

Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger

We fold choice ground beef with our wing sauce and blue cheese crumbles. Flat grilled with more blue cheese on top!! Served on our soon-to-be-famous sweet sourdough bun.

Now...for the Best Burger Stacks in Memphis and the Mid-south

The Plain Jane Stack

Americana at its best! Two patties layered with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, and mayonnaise on a toasted white bun.

The Club Stack

Two choice patties layered with ham, turkey, bacon, Swiss, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise on a toasted white bun.


The Smoke Stack

Picture this…toasted white bun, bbq mayo, add a burger patty. House-smoked cheddar cheese topped with an onion ring, filled with pulled bbq pork shoulder drizzled with bbq sauce. Then, add another patty and more smoked cheddar!

Hours of Operation

Kitchen Hours:

Sun thru Tues - 11am to Midnight
Wed thru Sat - 11am to 1am

Bar Hours:

At LEAST 1 hour past Kitchen closing.
Most nights open til 3am